In 2004 the installation of Anahi Jewelry Manufacturing is finished, making it a world class company that is fully vertically integrated. The company based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia, responsible of mining the only known source of Ametrine that exports gems to over 20 countries in the world, has taken the process to the next level: making international quality jewelry that is sold under the Anahi® brand.

Immersed in the paradisiac Bolivian marshland is the Anahi Mine, the only known Ametrine (or Bolivianita) source in the world. The Anahi Mine started its activities in 1990. Besides being an Ametrine (Bolivianita) source, the Anahi Mine also provides a variety of different violet tones of Amethyst, Citrine and Anahita, another rare light purple gem with a metallic sheen. 
This rare mineral formation dates back to approximately one billion years and it belongs to Minerales y Metales del Oriente SRL, a company from the Anahi Group based in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

A team of talented designers is in charge of bringing the Anahi® collections to life with a perfect balance between beauty and elegance, seeking to enhance the rarity of the gems, creating unique jewelry of international quality.

Anahi® Jewelry follows the fashion trends, delivering authentic exclusive works of art to the world that have been carefully created and prepared by specialized Bolivian artists and goldsmiths using finely faceted genuine gems and certified quality precious metals.

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