Legend of Anahí
The Anahi Mine has kept its name in honor of the Legend of Princess Anahi that tells about a moving romance between the princess of the Ayorea tribe and Spanish conqueror, Don Felipe.

When Don Felipe arrived in America, he fell in love with and married Ayorea Princess Anahi, from whose father received a grotto of precious gems as her dowry.

Over time, Don Felipe decided to return to his country and take his beloved wife with him, a decision that the tribe does not welcome and they conspire to murder the conqueror. When the Princess learned about this, she warned and helped her husband to escape giving him the gem she wore on her chest as a talisman to then disappear forever into the depths of the grotto.

Once safe, the conqueror discovers a magnificent two-colored gem, the only remembrance and symbol of Princess Anahi’s divided heart.

This two-colored gem is known as Ametrine or Bolivianita and it represents the eternal union of love.